Women at Work: Small Business Ideas for Every Mother in Canada

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Thousands of people are entertaining the idea of starting their own business nowadays. Starting a business is within the grasp of nearly anyone who is willing to take the risk in the turbulent waters of entrepreneurship.

Though small in nature, proper management of a small enterprise has a power of expanding; thus, it could change the tide of the economy. Women, especially mothers, who are invigorated with persistence and potential can grow their own business as well.

According to various researchers, there is a continual increase in the number of Canadian women entrepreneurs. In a survey done in 2015, the Maple Country even got second place in the ranking of the best place in the world for women entrepreneurs.

Gone are the days when men dominate the business world; women who own micro businesses have been carving a niche in the industry as well. From small based businesses to state-of-the-art large ones, women entrepreneurs can definitely survive the industry.

For mothers and single women who want to establish a business without enough financial support, the Canadian government is giving loans, grants and specific financing programs that can best suit the needs of the business of your choice.

One of the factors that every budding women entrepreneur needs to hurdle is to decide what kind of business to partake in. Here are viable small business ideas for mothers who are interested in venturing into the business world.


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Women, especially moms, can still start a business at the convenience and comfort of their own home. Business transaction done online gives business owners an exposure to a large base of customers. With the right choice of products to sell, women can get bigger profit than selling on the shop.

There is nothing to worry if an e-business could thrive in Canada. Figures have it that Canadians place at least ten orders online and would spend nearly $1,300 for their orders. Furthermore, more than half of Canadians are purchasing products and availing services that they need thru the handy help of the internet. This e-commerce idea is a must try for women who want to earn while still doing chores at home.

Hair Salon

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For women who have the knowledge in hair treatment and has skills for hair styling, a hair salon business might be a good choice. The hair business industry is proven to have strong staying potentials in almost all the parts of the globe. There are always a good number of people who would want their hair groomed.

For this business to endure, the owner must be updated not just with hair care and women’s hair but the overall trend in fashion.

Clothing Business

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If creativity is the primary asset of a woman, the garment industry will be a promising idea in starting a business. Everybody in any part of the world has a need for clothes, so this business has proven its thriving power even on hard times.

Starting small is the wisest thing to do. Expansion can be done little by little once the designs that are created can already meet the requirement of the market.


Interior Design Services

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For women who have good network and ingenuity, an assured way to prosperity could be expected from the interior design industry. A company for interior design can be operated at home or you could get an office. Having a good background in design is a fine foundation for this kind of business.

Wedding Planner

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Organizing a wedding can be a fun filled service for women who have good managing skills. Good coordination with the right links for the gown, catering services, venue, etc. are some of the areas that should be mastered. If there is a willingness to be trained, there are a lot of seminars to attend to polish organizing skills.

There are a lot of people who hire the services of a wedding planner. They are also willing to pay a big amount just to make the event extraordinary and memorable. Venturing into this business might just be the industry made for women blessed with organizing resources.

Book Seller

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Women who have a strong affinity to books could start a business based on it. Studies predicted that the bookstore industry will generate an income of $20 globally from the years of 2015 until 2019 alone.

Interested women could decide whether to have general (fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, etc.), college (textbooks) or specialty books (financial books, devotional books, etc.). It is important to identify the books that would sell in your vicinity.

Gift Package Services

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Women who have taste in gift ideas could start gift basket packages as their business. This industry is very flexible because owners can opt to rent a place or just do it at home. Last 2008, several gift basket enterprises experience immense growth in their sales. Venturing into this kind of business has promising turnout.


Starting a business is never easy but it can lead not just to financial but also personal rewards when the right time comes. The most important thing that every entrepreneur (regardless of gender) should have is developing a vision for that business to succeed.

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