Top 5 Things to Do Outside School to Be Like James Bond in Canada this Summer 2017

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So you want to be like James Bond? This summer 2017, you can be just like him if you use your imagination and creativity. You don’t need fancy cars or expensive tuxedos. You don’t even have to face intimidating enemies the way he does. There are plenty of ways to become like James Bond. He has many qualities that are admirable that you can practice as well. All you have to do is to follow the next steps that we’ll share with you. In this post, we’ll show you top 5 things that you can do outside of school to be Canada’s James Bond this summer 2017.

Be Charming


James Bond certainly has a lot of charm, that’s why he can woo a lot of women. If you want to impress the girls and make new friends, be charming. It’s actually quite simple: smile. Smile and be approachable. During conversations, listen to them well and be engaging. Ask them more to elaborate on their story. Make them feel that they have your full attention. People love attention and they will appreciate your presence if they know you are there with them 100%. That’s how you get girls to like you. It applies to any gender as well. If you just want to make friends, this is the way to go, too.


Dress Well


Nobody dresses as sharply as James Bond. If you want to be just like him, go through your wardrobe and find the best fitting clothes that you have. You don’t have to go out on a tux all the time, that will be ridiculous. But just be presentable. Fit makes a garment, that’s why you should look for clothes that are just right for your body type, not to fit and not too loose. Even if you are just wearing a classic white tee with your denim, if they fit right, you will look great. Make sure that your clothes are clean and ironed as well. Be as perfect as you can be when it comes to your clothing.

Dare to Go Outside of Your Comfort Zone


James Bond is almost like the jack of all trades. He knows a lot of things and he has so many skills. If you want to be like that, you have to dare to go out of your comfort zone. What does this mean? Have you always wanted to join an acapella group but you’re just too shy to do so? Well, this summer, you can do and be whatever you want to be. Imagine yourself as James Bond going on an undercover mission and you have to join an acapella group to get the information that you need. Won’t that be fun to imagine? If you find yourself too afraid to do new things, just think of it as you going on an undercover mission. It will be fun and exciting!


Stay Fit and Learn Self-Defense


You don’t have to spend a fortune learning self-defense or getting gym memberships. The best way to stay fit would be to go running. To learn self-defense, there are plenty of books available about that. You can also search the web for materials. And of course, you always have YouTube for those free video tutorials. Everything is out there. You just have to know how to self-learn and practice. However, if you do have money to enroll in a program, then that’s better! James Bond was taught by the masters. It will get you in the mood knowing that you are getting the best instruction there is in terms of self-defense and staying fit.


Go on Vacations


You can’t be James Bond if you don’t go on vacations. Again, you don’t need to spend so much just to go to an exotic island to feel like James Bond. Discover the local attractions in your place. You may have lived there for a long time but there are still a lot of places you haven’t been to. It’s time to rediscover your place and learn about new things. There might be a beach you haven’t gone to or a camping trail you have yet to discover. Anywhere can be exotic if it’s new to you.

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These are just some of the ways that you can be like James Bond this summer of 2017. It will be fun and it will be exciting. You are only limited by your imagination and creativity. Focus on the good traits that James Bond has such as being respectful and courteous to women. That’s one of the things you should follow. While you are strengthening your body through exercise, don’t forget to strengthen your mind as well. James Bond is a very smart guy. So to be like him, try to read a lot. Read the newspaper and current events. Always be on your toes about the latest news. As James Bond, your next mission could just be around the corner.

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