Barbara Coppola and GrubHub: A Sneak Peak at a Fruitful Partnership

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Being in sync is a requisite in jumping into the proverbial waters of entrepreneurship. Carrying out business plots, overall vision, and tactical education is not guaranteed to work if company leaders and the company are not compatible.

A certain managerial strategy will work for a particular chain of business; for instance, an officer who is way too aggressive in injecting change and a company whose nature does not fit an aggressive style in marketing will most probably not play good music together. Hence, a perfect fit will spell a success in the industry.

The frontrunners’ style and impact also play a big part in whether the structure will function soundly or not. Management style is one of the keys to success. In business, it is one of the drivers that contribute to bagging profits.

Let us sneak into one of this partnership, as we discuss GrubHub and its CMO.

The Company


Grubhub is mobile and online Chicago-based food-ordering corporation that links hungry customers with local food providers. Patrons benefit from their service by ordering straightly to more than 50,000 takeout diners in both United States and London. The company’s customer service teams are ready 24/7 to get every customer’s order. Grubhub has headquarters in New York, Chicago, and London.

The Chief Marketing Officer


Barbara Martin Coppola currently serves as CMO of Grubhub. She began her marketing profession at Texas Instruments in Japan. There, she managed profit and loss of the establishment and not just doubled but tripled the production’s revenue.

Hardworking Coppola then got an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. After that feat, she became the central marketing department of Samsung in South Korea. One essential principle that Coppola learned from Samsung, which she is also implementing at GrubHub, is to promise less and deliver more.
It is rewarding and stimulating to acquire managerial capabilities and marketing skills at Samsung but Coppola sought to explore deeper into the tech world. To fulfill this, she went back to France to work for tech bigwig, Google.

Coppola’s brilliance, together with the help of her team, is instrumental for giving Google a top spot for the use of search, video, and maps. They accomplished this by implementing local promotion and linkages with agencies. This catapulted Google as one of the leading names in promotion powerhouse. She then became a part of Chromecast and was later transferred to YouTube. During her stay there, her crew made a mobile download record.

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The method of a company to connect to its philosophy, control schemes, management systems, and workforce can have an influence on the productivity and effectiveness of an establishment. It can be a defining factor between success and failure. Indeed, making money in a business is much more difficult than you thought, but with enough perseverance and determination, anything is possible.

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